The first VALEO TECHNICAL EVENING of 2017 to be held in our R&D Centre in Prague 10, will look at system and software solutions of object tracking and classification by laser scanner technology, its problems and challenges.

Valeo's ScaLa laser scanner is the first laser scanner for the automotive volume production. This technology is a key enabler for highly automated driving thanks to its unique combination of a large detection range, wide field of view and accuracy.

Our colleagues Bedřich Lacina, Jiří Křivohlavý a Jan Olšina will be happy to discuss with you on related topics and share with you ideas, with sandwiches and drinks following their presentations.

Date: Wednesday 14. 6. 2017


Valeo R&D Prague
Sazečská 247
108 00 Praha - Strašnice
Czech Republic


[05:30 PM] Valeo doors open
[06:00 PM] Presentation & open discussion
[08:00 PM] Networking & drinks

Topics & Speakers:

Scala Laser Scanner

Bedřich Lacina

Object Tracking System Functionality

Jiří Křivohlavý

Object Tracking and Classification Software Solutions

Jan Olšina

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