Our next technical evening of 2019, was held in the National Library of Technology, looked at research in the area of usage of Artificial Intelligence in the development of autonomous driving, its problems, opportunities and challenges.

Development of autonomous cars is not only a futuristic concept, but it is here already now. Big international companies, as well as universities are joining the race to deliver the technologies. AI is an omnipresent technology associated with almost every area of our lives. Autonomous cars are not an exception.

You listened to the stories of Patrick Perez and Matthieu Cord, representatives of Valeo.ai, a special research group focused on the use of AI technology in automotive and Tomáš Svoboda, chair at the Department of Cybernetics from Czech Technical University.

Record of the event:


Matthieu CordProfessor of Computer Science, Sorbonne University and Researcher at Valeo.ai
Designing multimodal deep architectures for Visual Question Answering
Tomáš SvobodaAssociate Professor at Czech Technical University, chair of the Department of Cybernetics
Learning for traversing rough terrain
Patrick PérezDirector Valeo.ai
Unsupervised domain adaptation with application to urban scene analysis