First technical evening of 2019, to be held in Prague Startup Market, will look at research in the area of usage of PC games in the development of autonomous driving, its problems and challenges.

Development of autonomous cars is not only a futuristic concept, but it is here already now. Big international companies, SME’s as well as universities are joining the race to deliver the technologies.

Much less is known about the link between computer game development and the use of its virtual environment in automotive development.

We listened to the stories of the important automotive player Valeo, Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and software company Artin with their Roboauto, as they discussed the link between gaming and autonomous driving.

Record of the event:


doc. Ing. Karel Zimmermann, Ph.DAssociate Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University, Prague
Ondřej ZemanSoftware Tool Developer, Valeo R&D centre
Tomáš ČerníkSenior AI expert, Roboauto