How to detect the dirty sensors on a car? You will know soon thanks to Valeo Technical Evening theme: Algorithms for blockage detection – automotive radar and camera

Has it already happened that your car showed a message like “Adaptive cruise control is switched off, radar is blocked”? Have you already thought about how important is having clear sensors that care about adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning or other smart functions in your car? And how important is it for the future autonomous cars that will not need the driver behind the steering wheel?

Valeo’s department of Radars finished the development of a new algorithm that recognizes any sign of blockage of the sensor. Naiallen Carvalho, one of the developers of the algorithm, explained how it works, how a signal from the sensor looks when blocked and how to perceive if the sensor is still able to detect the objects

Valeo department of Artificial Intelligence concentrates on the dirt or water blocking cameras for a long time. David Hurych talked about how to identify the water drops on a camera lens and how the developers continue to enhance the system.

Record of the event:


Naiallen CarvalhoValeo
David HurychValeo