Are you interested to get to know more about Ground Truth Extraction technologies in automotive?

Next Valeo technical meeting will look at motivations and state of the art methods of ground truth extraction (reference data labeling). You will be introduced to manual, semi automated and automated methods and also to statistical modeling of an autonomous driving system which provides a basis for an annotation campaign. Automated methods section will have a special focus on machine learning technologies in ground truth extraction of objects from a lidar point cloud data.

Our colleagues Pavel Jiroutek, Jan Olšina and Miroslav Zima are happy to discuss with you on related topics and share with you ideas, with sandwiches and drinks following their presentations.

Date: Thursday 14. 6. 2018


Sazečská 247/2
108 00, Prague
Czech Republic


[05:30 PM] Valeo doors open
[06:00 PM] Presentation
[08:00 PM] Networking & Drinks

Topics & Speakers:

Role of Ground Truth in Automotive Projects

Pavel Jiroutek

Statistical Modeling of Validation Campaigns

Jan Olšina

Automated Ground Truth Extraction from Lidar Data

Miroslav Zima

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