PCBs became the central topic of the Valeo Technical Evening.

This abbreviation, which means Printed Circuit Boards, is inextricably linked with every electronic device. Firstly, together with Miroslav Purnoch, hardware engineer from Valeo Prague R&D center, we went through the nooks and crannies of each circuit or resistor, its meaning and resulting functionality in driver assistance systems. We had a look at the steps of the development process and the tools used to design, simulate and test prototypes of printed circuit boards. What are the specifics of high frequency PCB materials for automotive radar sensors? We answered this and more on our last meetup.
Later, Jiří Zvolánek presented you some of the advanced PCB technologies such as HDI microvia technology, 3D flex-rigid technology and PCBs with embedded components, on which Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG works.
Finally, we listened to a short introductive presentation of Valeo's PCB expert, Paul-Henry Morel, who shared a broader view of mass circuit board production. We discussed in more detail the challenges and possible future development of this discipline in the field of automotive.
Jan Kostecky , the Process Engineers' Team leader, together with his colleagues gave us a 10 minutes inside look into the planned production of PCB at Valeo Rakovník Site.


Date: Monday 18. 10. 2021


Valeo R&D centre
Sazecska 247/2, Prague 10
or online


[05:30 PM] Opening door of Valeo R&D
[06:00 PM] The specifics of PCB development for advanced driver assistance systems (Miroslav Purnoch - Valeo Prague)
[06:30 PM] Advanced PCB technologies produced at Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG and their application in automotive (Jiri Zvolanek, Würth Elektronik)
[07:00 PM] The industrialization challenges of PCB in automotive (Paul-Henry Morel - Valeo Creteil, France)
[07:30 PM] Look into the future production of PCB at Valeo Rakovnik (Jan Kostecky - Valeo Rakovník)
[07:40 PM] Discussion and refreshment

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