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we kindly inform you, that unfortunately we have to postpone this event due to the cancellation of one of the speakers for urgent business reasons.
We will keep you posted about the new date of the event as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.
Valeo R&D centre Prague

Welcome to the event where technology meets reality! This time we will dive together into automotive and aerospace testing.

Doc. Ing. Peter Chudý, Ph.D., MBA from FIT, Brno University of Technology, will be the first invited speaker introducing the subject of Hardware in the Loop (HiL) simulation and testing for highly automated mobility platforms, with special emphasis on aerospace, where HiL simulation and testing became an inevitable part of the avionics design and development. The respective HiL processes will be introduced within the context of a digital autopilot design and presented in two different ground testing phases. The first phase used a laboratory grade verification setup of the SimStar aircraft simulator, supporting the initial functional evaluation of the designed and implemented autopilot features, while the subsequent phase utilized an embedded autopilot system integration on board of an experimental aircraft. The aim of the HiL simulations was to ground test and verify the operational suitability of the designed autopilot flight control system elements before the actual test flights. The flight control system hardware has been integrated into the HiL simulation setups using CANaerospace communication protocol. Both of the HiL simulation phases confirmed the anticipated performance of the autopilot design features.

The second speaker will be a Valeo Senior Expert, Diego Carvalho, Engineering Software Design Leader, who will be speaking on development Valeo automotive cameras. In this session, will be presented the cameras standardized Software and Hardware framework used across the verification and validation workflow. Starting from camera testing through in-vehicle recording ending by Simulation ending with Replay HiL.

The last, but no less important speaker will be Ing. Jiří Keprt, Ph.D., Chief Applications Engineer - ADAS from National Instruments, who will talk about the Evolution of NI ADAS validation toolchain. As part of his presentation, we will focus on the importance of connecting test methodologies throughout the In-Vehicle Data Record, Replay, and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test, with a deeper dive into the latest advancements in simulation HiL and direct image injection techniques and new technologies such as RDMA supporting this evolution.

Date: Thursday 20. 4. 2023


Valeo R&D center
Sazecska 247/2
108 00, Prague
Czech Republic

or online


[5:30 pm] We open the gate of Valeo R&D Center in Prague
[6:00 pm] Hardware in the loop in Aerospace (doc. Ing. Peter Chudý, Ph.D., MBA - FIT VUT)
[6:30 pm] Camera Unified Framework across the Verification and Validation Workflow (Diego Carvalho - Valeo)
[7:00 pm] Evolution of National Instruments ADAS Validation Toolchain ( Ing. Jiří Keprt, Ph.D. - ADAS - National Instruments)
[7:30 pm] Discussion and refreshment

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